“I have known Elizabeth Stratton for many years.  Her extraordinary meditations and tapes and her profound impact as a healer and teacher have tangibly, and apparently miraculously, altered my physical state as well as deep affected my emotional and spiritual being.”  Lesley Ann Warren, Actress

“As director of one of the largest holistic education centers in America, I have seen a lot of ‘spiritual healers’ come and go, and I can say this about Elizabeth Stratton: she is the real thing.”  Roger Paine, Executive Director, Interface (1996)

I was struggling with anxiety and stress when I met Elizabeth Stratton. I had an appointment with her and my experience was remarkable. As she worked over my body I could physically feel the stress being drawn out of me. I left feeling totally relaxed and the feeling stayed with me for several weeks. I have had several follow-up appointments which have relieved my anxiety and refreshed my feeling of wellbeing. I am happy to recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking freedom from stress and anxiety.   MB, NYC, NY

 “Thank you for your inspiration and comfort during my recovery.”  Bob Wilson, N.C.

“Elizabeth Stratton’s experiences in working with each new patient add missing pieces to the puzzle of what true healing is really about….She demonstrates a profound understanding of the psychological and spiritual dynamics behind dis-ease and the healing process.”  Richard Gerber, M.D., author of Vibrational Medicine

“Elizabeth Stratton is a wonderful healer.”  Nancy Azara, sculptor

“Elizabeth Stratton does not deal in some imaginary world of spirit, some never-never-land. She deals in the REAL world of Spirit, perhaps invisible to some, but never invisible to her. She draws upon it with the certainty of a physicist unveiling the hidden powers within matter. And she accomplishes what appears a miracle, only because we have learned to believe its impossibility, and therefore can’t imagine it. Before you give up hope, call Elizabeth.”  Rabbi Michael Shevack, inter-religious leader, consultant, author

“Even twenty-five years later, Elizabeth’s healing touch continues its deep resonance in my life.”  Nicolas Dalton, yoga instructor

“My first healing session with Elizabeth was 14 years ago. She was compassionate and kind, offering a safe place to heal and rest.  Often I’d ramble on without awareness. Thankfully she has the wisdom to see right through me.  Elizabeth pays attention.  Step by step together we’ve been rebuilding a fresh solid foundation for me. I still see her for healing sessions.  She is central to my life, and the reawakening I have experienced during all these years has been profound. I’ve visited gurus who temporarily lifted me up but it didn’t last. The healing I’ve experienced with Elizabeth has lasted and continues to grow.”  TP, NYC, NY

“I have worked with Elizabeth for many years.  She is a wonderful energy healer and counsellor. She is very intuitive and insightful, and has helped me immensely with many issues I have had to face. She has the ability to see beyond the camouflage that at times I may present and really get to the heart of the problem and methodically help me to work through it. I trust her totally with the advice she has given me, and I have benefitted greatly from the guided meditations and energy healings she has done with me. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.” S. Barrett, Cape Cod, MA

“Thanks again for being there.  You are a blessing.”  Molly B., S.C.

“The mentor is the person who sees who you are, sees your beauty, falls in love with it, helps and inspires it, giving it a chance to bloom in the world. So that which came to me a seed, goes to the next as a blossom, and that which came to me as a blossom, goes on as fruit.  Thank you for sharing the beauty of your heart.  I will never be the same.  With great love and deep gratitude my souls thanks you.  God bless you.” L.Z., Boston, MA

“No words can express my feelings.  You opened my eyes and helped me to see.  You opened my heart and  I got a taste of love and compassion, and more importantly self-love.  C. C., NH

“This has been a special and particularly challenging year for me.  Thank you for guiding me through it.”  V. H., NYC, NY

“Thank you for being such an embodiment of the Light.”  S. N., Seattle, WA

“I will keep an image of your wonderful smile and powerful healing hands to inspire me and to continue to heal me.” H.G., Chicago, IL

“I knew when I saw you in the Interface catalogue that you would have much to teach me…I had no idea to the depth I’d be brought.  Thank you so much for your compassion and guidance.” D.F., Portland, Maine

“Thank you for being in the world, and for being so brightly!  I’ll be gratefully unwrapping rich gifts for years to come.  I see now how much I want to be a good person.”  H. O., Baton Rouge, LA

“This year has been an initiation for me.  And you have brought me through it.  Thank you.  This time together will be branded in my soul forever.” N.M., Ashville, NC

“Thank you for giving me back my life.  Now I have a life to live.  Gratefully, Mary T., Taos, NM

“Thank you for all of it in my 70’s — now 92 — I especially appreciate knowing what’s mine, and what’s not mine (emotionally), on a daily basis in a community I’ve lived in since 2005.” Love, M.E., Peterbough, New Hampshire





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