Unchanging…we want things to remain the same.  We want love to remain…no loss, no death. We want everything to be reliable, dependable…so we can relax into the comfort of God, the breast of the mother, the womb of God.  We would rather that nothing changes. We want to be at one with Love, with each other, with God.  Heaven must be an unchanging eternity to relax, rest, and trust that we are at home in the heart of God.resting-buddha

For a Friend

searching for your home

you look at many houses

while all the time 

your true home lies within


rebuild the home inside you

carry your true home

inside your own heart


your body houses

your heart, mind, soul and spirit

be a sanctuary

for love


I watch the sun go down on another week and wonder what I have accomplished.  The dictionary defines the word accomplish as “achieve or complete successfully: the planes accomplished their mission.  ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French acompliss-, lengthened stem of acomplir, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + complere ‘to complete.’

So, did I complete my mission?  What was my mission?  Just to be alive, I thought that enough.  At the beginning of the week I decided that I would take a week to just be, to just live as I liked, with no routines, no shoulds, no demands.   I decided to stop going to bed at a certain time just because I should.  I decided to stay awake until I felt tired, and not to worry about the time I woke up.  I decided to trust my biorhythms to decide that for me.  I decided to avoid the phone, mail, bills, laundry, dishes, and anything not absolutely necessary to feeling happy and relaxed.  And I did.  What a wonderful week.  I reconnected with my inner self, my creative self, my truthful self.  I reconnected with the self who likes to write, who likes to play, who likes to draw and paint, who likes to be lazy, who likes to stay comfortable.  I realize that I like to be home.  I realize I like to meditate and be still.  I realize I like to not feel like I am accomplishing anything.  Nothing.  No-thing.  Breathing, yes, that is enough, for now.

Maybe I should have been a Zen monk.  Maybe I should have joined a zendo or lived in a cave.  But I love my friends.  I love, most of the time, my life.  I am happy.  If that is an accomplishment, that I have achieved my mission.