Healing Mind and Body from Harassment

Take a long deep breath and drop all thinking.

Allow your breathing to become slow and relaxed.

If any thoughts go through your mind, allow them to drift up and out the top of your head and float away like clouds in the sky.

Now focus on your breathing, and with each breath in, slowly count to four and then pause.  And with each breath out, slowly count to four and then pause.

Now focus on your heart center in the middle of your chest, the center of love and compassion.  And visualize a very bright white light moving in a circle in the middle of your chest.

Feel this energy helping you open your heart as you feel it move, opening love and compassion deep inside yourself.

And as you breathe and open your heart, let this compassion be for yourself, for the young child that you were, and for the adult that you are now.

And feel this light of love and compassion flowing through you, up into your mind and clearing your mind of the past.

Feel this love and compassion and white light flowing down through your body all the way down to your feet, and clearing your body of the past.

Feel this love, compassion and white light opening a new life for you in the present and future.

And feel this love and compassion and white light growing so enormous that it flows out all around you in a circle of light, like a beautiful glowing egg of light and protection.

Feel the wholeness of this energy, the wholeness of your heart, the wholeness of your mind, the wholeness of your body, and the love for who you are now.

You may continue to keep your eyes closed for as long as you wish, and rest in this place of love, compassion and wholeness.