Elizabeth K. Stratton, M.S. is the founder and director of the Touching Spirit Center LLC in Woodstock, New York. She is a world-renowned pastoral counselor, healer and teacher who combines spiritual counseling, laying-on-of-hands, intuitive understanding and guided meditation in her healing work.

In 1976 she opened the Touching Spirit Center in New York City, and in 1994 moved the Center to Litchfield, CT, where it expanded to offer four Touching Spirit® Training Programs: the Professional Training for health care professionals, the Teacher Training, the Self Healing Program, and the Animal Healing Training Program.  Ms Stratton moved the Touching Spirit Center to Woodstock, NY in June 2010.

Ms. Stratton has taught at centers and conferences around the world, including Harvard Divinity School, Marble Collegiate Church, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Catholic Health Association, Omega Institute and Kripalu Center.

She is the author of two books on healing, Touching Spirit and Seeds of Light (Simon & Schuster), and more than fifty guided healing meditations, many of which are available on audiocassette and CD. Her healing work has been recognized in the media, both here and abroad, and includes appearances on NBC’s Dateline, and in publications such as Self magazine.

December 17, 2014

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3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I ditto that thought. Your book has meant so much to me as well as our time spent in healing for me. I have moved to be closer to my family and now seeking God’s will in continued spiritual caregiving. I hope you are well and look forward to another conversation soon.
    Donna C


  2. Dear Elizabeth—I want to apologize to you! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Please let me explain: I bought “Touching Spirit” in 1996, when it first came out, some 19 years ago. I have read and reread it over the years, as shown by my various highlighting, underlinings, and attached post-it notes. It speaks to me. So, as I was looking for quotations for my 13th book, “A Cluster of Cancers,” every time my eye lit upon your book, my heart was warmed, and I was so happy to save it to reread for when I finished my manuscript. I thought I was keeping my nose to the grindstone. And your book was something to look forward to. (I have thousands of books in the house, just so you know.) So my latest manuscript is finally in the printing stage now, and I settled down with your book. Imagine my surprise and chagrin, to find several quotes that would have been perfect in my cancer book! And I was so upset with myself. No wonder my eye kept lighting on your book! I feel that I really missed an opportunity to share your work, by not paying closer attention . . . I’ll certainly keep it in mind, with any future topics I may write about. Again, I apologize!—Sherry


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