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In Litchfield, Tools for Feeling Good
By: Melanie McMillan, April 11, 2003

When everything is said and done, what is the hallmark of a life that has been well-lived? That, according to Elizabeth K. Stratton, M.S., is the archetypal question.

Ms. Stratton, a pastoral counselor, spiritual healer and teacher with 26 years of experience, is the director of the Touching Spirit Center in Litchfield. The author of two books on healing, “Touching Spirit” and “Seeds of Light: Healing Meditations for Body and Soul,” Ms. Stratton suggests that the question leads to two others that people should ask themselves: How do we live a healed life, and how do we live a healing life-a life that helps heal the world around us?

“Healing is a spiritual practice that I live everyday,” she said. “I keep my heart open. … I work with forgiveness. … I live a naturally, organically healthy life. … I live a very peaceful life. … I make sure I surround myself with people I love. … ”

Practicing what she preaches is integral to Ms. Stratton, who has made a commitment to serve as a healing presence in the world. It is her belief that a healed life, an ongoing resurrection, is available to everyone.

A trademark of Ms. Stratton’s healing practice-which has been featured in prominent national media-includes energy healing by using the laying-on-of-hands in her counseling sessions. She explained that the practice of laying-on-of-hands is used in the Christian tradition, as well as in most other world religions.

The spiritual counselor also noted that physicians used to discuss the initial patient consultation-or physical-using the words “laying-on-of-hands.”

“For me, it’s about trying to touch that part of a person that needs to be healed,” Ms. Stratton explained. “My intention is to find a way to touch the spirit of healing within … to help them awaken the healer [in themselves] and stay connected [to that healer].”

Ms. Stratton suggested that, even today, physicians still use the laying-on-of-hands for diagnoses and healing, even though the semantics connected with those techniques have changed.

After receiving the laying-on-of-hands in one of her counseling sessions, Ms. Stratton said, “three out of four [clients] will sit up and look at me and say, ‘I feel whole.’ And they’re stunned.”

Ms. Stratton begins the laying-on-of-hands with the client’s head and works her way toward the feet, finding a way to “touch that place within them that already knows how to heal.”

Helping people to feel whole is Ms. Stratton’s mission. She explained that healing is really about wholeness.

In her book, “Touching Spirit,” Ms. Stratton writes, “People are like trees. When they catch on fire you can hose them down, assess the damage, put a little salve on their wounds, and think the danger is over. But it’s not. If you come back the next day, new fires will have broken out and smoke will appear from the ground. The fire is burning underground, and the roots are smoldering. When the fire has reached the roots of a human being, the damage is deep. The foundation of his or her life support system is in danger. … Healing energy leaves a deep lasting imprint. It sends life force through the leaves and bark into the core circles of the tree and all the way into the roots. It touches the whole person: physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual.”

Ms. Stratton’s clients come from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, but she said that a common thread running throughout their quest for wholeness is that they seek peace of mind.

An initial counseling session with Ms. Stratton lasts 90 minutes and the cost is $250. It involves a discussion of the client’s illness, symptoms or other concerns, an intuitive assessment, healing through the laying-on-of-hands, guided meditation and prayer and spiritual counseling and guidance. Subsequent sessions are one hour, with the fee set at $165, and are tailored to each client’s particular needs.

Last month, Ms. Stratton began a healing meditation class at the Touching Spirit Center, at 16 South Street in Litchfield, where participants learn ways to “drop down into a place of deep stillness and peace.”

The class meets at the center every Tuesday evening, from 6:30 to 7:30. The cost is $10 per session, and $7 per session for senior citizens.

Ms. Stratton uses her “Touching Spirit” method that includes meditation combined with energy healing through the laying-on-of-hands to teach participants to awaken the healer within, while calming their mind, opening their heart and discovering the center of their soul. Although the class has only been meeting for a short time, Ms. Stratton said that feedback from attendees has been very positive, with some indicating that the class is helping them to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Another aspect of Ms. Stratton’s healing practice involves ministering to animals. “They’re so responsive. I don’t think they have rational minds that get in the way,” she explained. Although she works with many types of animals, she has a particular fondness for cats, dogs and horses. She uses the same healing techniques with her animal clients, including the laying-on-of-hands and intuitive assessment, that she uses with people.

When she is working on the animals, Ms. Stratton said that they usually fall asleep. “They feel the healing so deeply that they go into a profound state of relaxation, allowing the body to mobilize its inner healing responses.” She noted that such a state of relaxation is desired for all of her clients-two-legged clients as well as the four-legged ones.

Animals are the consummate psychic sponges, noted Ms. Stratton. “They pick up anxiety and depression from their owners,” she said. “I see a lot of depressed owners with depressed animals, or anxious owners with anxious pets.” She also said that there is a correlation of disease between owner and animal.

In her book, “Seeds of Light,” which features healing meditations for the body and soul, Ms. Stratton offers instructions for a basic laying-on-of-hands experience that can be used by anyone on adults or animals.

To schedule an appointment for a counseling session, to inquire about workshops or to purchase Ms. Stratton’s books or audio tapes, the telephone number for The Touching Spirit Center, located at 16 South St. in Litchfield, is 845-706-3988. The Web site is

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