The Etiquette of Bees

Everywhere I go, I am being pursued by yellow jackets. This may not mean much if you are being pursued by Hurricane Irma, and I do sympathize with you.

But the other night Tom and I went out for a special dinner to celebrate having made it through a two day tag sale. We were exhausted. I just wanted to relax over a glass of wine and a nice dinner on the outside porch of our favorite restaurant.

My dinner arrived, roast duck with chestnuts and root vegetables. Along came a yellow jacket and flew directly into my dinner, upside down. As I stared at its dilemma and tried to decide the best course of action for both of us, it righted itself and proceeded to sting me on the knuckle of my index finger.

It was quite painful, and I could not see the stinger to pull it out. I dunked my finger in the glass of ice water and proceeded to eat my elegant dinner with one hand, the other hand remaining in the ice water. I must have looked quite a sight.

That yellow jacket then told a relative that I was going to a Labor Day barbecue the next day, and as soon as I sat down to eat, it’s family member dove at me and my lunch. I yelled, ran off, got another glass of wine and felt betrayed by bees! Tom comforted me with his conclusion that I’m just too sweet and all the bees line up wherever I am. Right. The next time I go anywhere I’m going to carry a large hammer with me. So much for “do not kill”!

(I have since been told that yellow jackets and honey bees are completely different in their behaviors.  Honey bees would not be so “churlish” as to attack without provocation; yellow jackets are more like gang members looking for a fight!)


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