The Last Day

If tomorrow were my last day

On earth

I would lie in my lounge chair

Rest in the sun

Listen to the birds sing

Watch the deer nibble grass

The geese enjoy the tennis court

The turkeys walk through the woods

And the groundhog munch on clover.

I might walk through the wildflowers

Look up at the blue sky, with clouds floating above me.

If tomorrow were my last day,

I would be grateful for all that I

Have been given,

Family, friends, music, beauty,

Books, art, my beloved animals,

The experiences of living.

I would be grateful especially

For love, kindness, and tenderness.

At the moment of death,

I want my entire consciousness

To be filled with love.

I want the culmination of my life

To be the awareness

and expression

Of love

And only love.

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