Who or what is a source of comfort for you? I have been thinking about this for awhile now, reviewing all the important people in my life since childhood.
I realize that I have always been seeking sources of comfort. Love, kindness, prayer, meditation, warmth, friends, family, inner knowing, beauty, gardens, trees, grass, the sky and clouds. Water as waves, streams, rain, lakes, ponds, glistening sun on the ocean.
The deep affection and warmth of my pets. The comfort of my home. The ease of good friends. The comfort I feel when I do laying-on-of-hands for someone who needs comfort and healing.
Maybe we need to pay attention to all the ways we give and receive comfort, and divert our attention away from the pain and suffering in the world. If we can help provide comfort that will ease pain and suffering, then we should. But if we cannot, our consciousness needs to dwell elsewhere so as to provide comfort for ourselves. The inner comfort that our minds and hearts seek

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