One Afternoon

sun sun surely stay
always be here every day
lighting up our lives

the wind blows the snow
out of trees and through the air
to tingle noses

kissing clouds above
create delight in their sight
as they dance on by

every day is new
I love to watch the world change
so much excitement

holding onto snow
trying the impossible
one hand at a time

the day flies away
as the sky changes to dark
it has made its mark

come little children
gather round to hear the sound
of one hand clapping

resting in awe now
there are always other days
to shovel the snow 

dark gray clouds float by
settling into nightfall
time for gratitude

kissing clouds dance by
unaware of all our eyes
watching their closeness

lights stars and tinsel
Christmas trees and lots of smiles
make me smile with love

this time of the year
pushes away all my fears
and makes me believe
in new beginnings

Haiku for Movie Music

I was watching the Turner Classic Movie channel last night, and they presented clips from movies and their songs. Couldn’t help writing a few haiku to go along with each one.

singing in the rain
the jubilee overture
open your hearts wide

in case you wondered
i’ve got you under my skin
you are warm and safe

last time I saw Paris
my heart was warm and gay
now I live that way

it is ten degrees
oh baby its cold outside
come in and warm me

be my love right now
in my heart you will be safe
together in grace

we will be as one
somewhere over the rainbow
love will conquer all