I watch the sun go down on another week and wonder what I have accomplished.  The dictionary defines the word accomplish as “achieve or complete successfully: the planes accomplished their mission.  ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French acompliss-, lengthened stem of acomplir, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + complere ‘to complete.’

So, did I complete my mission?  What was my mission?  Just to be alive, I thought that enough.  At the beginning of the week I decided that I would take a week to just be, to just live as I liked, with no routines, no shoulds, no demands.   I decided to stop going to bed at a certain time just because I should.  I decided to stay awake until I felt tired, and not to worry about the time I woke up.  I decided to trust my biorhythms to decide that for me.  I decided to avoid the phone, mail, bills, laundry, dishes, and anything not absolutely necessary to feeling happy and relaxed.  And I did.  What a wonderful week.  I reconnected with my inner self, my creative self, my truthful self.  I reconnected with the self who likes to write, who likes to play, who likes to draw and paint, who likes to be lazy, who likes to stay comfortable.  I realize that I like to be home.  I realize I like to meditate and be still.  I realize I like to not feel like I am accomplishing anything.  Nothing.  No-thing.  Breathing, yes, that is enough, for now.

Maybe I should have been a Zen monk.  Maybe I should have joined a zendo or lived in a cave.  But I love my friends.  I love, most of the time, my life.  I am happy.  If that is an accomplishment, that I have achieved my mission.

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